I'm Kristin.

Nice to meet you!

How I got started

I grew up in a really creative household where my imagination was really nurtured. My dad had a side photography/videography business in addition to being a musician, and my mom baked and decorated cakes professionally. Music was always on, my younger sister and I invented games and characters to play, and we were both constantly doodling and drawing. It wasn't until I got into high school, though, that I realized my artistic side could be made into a challenging but rewarding career.

What I'm working on

Currently, I'm a free agent! COVID-19 has brought some interesting challenges to designers across disciplines; it's also brought a very valuable resource that I know I'm always looking for more of: time. This gift of time is allowing me to spend more time working on projects to help pivot my career towards product and UI design. As scary as it is, I may never have this amount of free time to really devote myself to a career change as I do now. But, I'm always open to having my time taken up by a fantastic opportunity. ;)

What sparks my curiosity

While print will never die for me, it still stands that our landscape is going more digital. Being able to bring my print skills to the digital side is exciting and gives me a leg up over others that may only know the web side of this career. I'm excited for my new career in the digital world, which opens new avenues to explore and feed my curiosity for bringing beautiful experiences that help enhance the lives of our customers.


Interested in my experience? Download my resume!