I'm Kristin ,
 nice to meet you.

I'm a visual designer based in San Diego, originally from Boston, that loves all things design-related (dogs, of course, and Harleys, too).

How I got started as a designer

I grew up in a really creative household where my imagination was really nurtured. My dad had a side photography/videography business in addition to being a musician, and my mom baked and decorated cakes professionally. Music was always on, my younger sister and I invented games and characters to play, and we were both constantly doodling and drawing. It wasn't until I got into high school, though, that I realized my artistic side could be made into a challenging but rewarding career.

What I've been working on 

I was the sole designer for about 3.5 years at the San Diego Opera. My work was pretty print-heavy: logos, advertising, brochures, invitation suites, flyers. My start as a designer came from teaching myself to code, which came in handy for our custom CMS, and I worked diligently with our freelance web developer to begin overhauling both the CMS and website. Rapidly prototyping wireframes based on my research into our competition as well as what works when purchasing event/performance tickets online was new for me, but a skill I'm excited to continue to learn!

What I'm curious about

Print will never die for me, it just changes as our landscape goes more digital. Bringing my print skills to the digital side is exciting and gives me a leg up over others that may only know the web side of this career. I love marrying the two and I'm interested in how I can continue to be relevant as a designer who still loves the feel of paper in her hands.

Contact me

Get in touch: use the form below or email me at kristin@kristinbpowers.com.

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