Water Me: Plant Care App (Work in Progress)

An app for houseplant owners to check, schedule, and remind about watering their indoor green friends

This work-in-progress, personal project is near and dear to my heart and soul. You could say I'm a typical Millenial (an older one!) who owns over 70 gorgeous houseplants, ranging from the hardy Pothos to the trendy Monstera deliciosa. It's a big chore to keep them all happy and watered properly; I'm constantly walking around, sticking a finger in each pot, and checking the moisture levels. As my collection grew, I started to use some plant care apps to help me keep track, but one thing they were all missing was the ability to push a watering off a few days if the soil was still too wet.

Enter the idea for Water Me. Infusing low tech (sticking your finger in the plant's soil) into high tech (track and schedule watering based on plant needs), and filling in a missing component (push watering reminder out a few days) of plant care apps currently on the market. Water Me is also a start-to-finish user experience design piece, constantly iterating as I work toward the finished product.