San Diego Opera

2018-19 Season Annual Report

The Director of Development and the Institutional Grants Writer needed to elevate the past season's annual report as a way of offsetting the Opera's projected deficit to large corporate and government/foundation donors.


In previous years, the Opera's annual report was a small, 8-page pamphlet. While it got right to the point, it was also massively text-heavy (in order to get all information in, there was no room for eye-sparing full-page photos or much white space). The heavy hitter was, of course, the financials page, but a "by the numbers" page also made the reader's eyes cross.

With so many more community outreach programs in 2018–19, it was decided that this would very much become a show piece that members of the Development team could use as a core part of their portfolios, talking to donors and patrons who wanted to see SDO out "in the wild." Increasing the page count to 28 also allowed the use of full page, full color photographs as an eye break. Research was also done on using some of these photos for augmented reality, allowing us to pack even more content beyond just the printed piece.