Passion Project: LINEAR MFG

Geometric animals on tees

If creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised, but you find your day-to-day work doesn't cut it, what's a designer to do?

That's where LINEAR MFG came in for me. Since art school, I knew I wanted to do something more with my talent than just design logos and ads, and that being a designer wasn't limited to paper or a screen. Geometric animals were a challenge for me; how do you take something complicated and curvy, and simplify it to just straight lines? As well as not look like every other geometric animal out there on people's tattoo Pinterest board?

Hand drawing solved that for me. Using a pencil, eraser, and graph paper, I am able to turn nature's creations into 2D objects perfect for printing on a shirt. Add in some feminine details, like crystals and succulents, and this brand is 100% me. While I no longer sell the shirts, the habit of sketching and drawing has lasted.